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Frequently Asked Questions 

Thank you for visiting WVU Leadership and Organization Development’s LOD Class Registration Portal, managed by Augusoft Lumens. The following are some frequently asked questions about LOD, our class offerings and how to use this site. Please contact us at if you have additional questions or need help.  


Information about LOD’s Class Offerings

Is there a fee to participate in the class offerings? 
LOD class offerings are at no cost to all WVU employees.  

Who can take LOD classes and what are the class offerings?
LOD class offerings may be taken by WVU people leaders and staff.  

Three categories of non-academic class offerings are available: 

  • Leadership Development (designed specifically for people leaders responsible for supervising and leading others) 
  • Professional Development (designed for all WVU people leaders and staff) 
  • New Employees (designed for all new WVU people leaders and staff) 

WVU Faculty are also welcomed to participate in any of LOD’s class offerings.Faculty who supervise employees are eligible to enroll in LOD’s Leadership Development classes. 

Please note that the Office of the Provost, in conjunction with other units on campus, hosts multiple professional development trainings throughout the academic year specifically designed to help faculty learn about the University’s goals, management and leadership development unique to the faculty experience. For more information about faculty and leadership development, visit Faculty Development

Who creates the LOD class offerings? 
Classes are typically created by members of the LOD staff, who are professionals in the field of learning development and class creation.  Occasionally, an external vendor may deliver some LOD classes.

What is the class format? 
Classes are offered in a variety of learning formats, including in-person (currently not available), live and recorded webinars, and eLearning.

How do I find what classes are available? 

You may browse and search class offerings by doing the following:  

  • Click on “All Classes” on the menu bar to the left to browse all available classes by class title.
  • Click on “Class Catalogs” on the menu bar to the left to browse by:
    • Live Classes (Webinar/Classroom) or
    • Online Self-Paced Classes (eLearning/Recording)
  • You may also use the "Search" bar in the top right corner of the page to search by class title, class ID, instructor, a key word in the title or description, or by dates 

When are classes offered? 

Some classes, like in-person training (not currently available) and live webinars, have specific dates and times they are offered. Other virtual training, like eLearning modules, are available on-demand. 

How can completed LOD classes help my career and professional development? 
LOD class offerings are a way people leaders and staff can engage in professional learning and development and use the resources to continually pursue leadership and staff development. 

Is there a fee to participate in the class offerings? 
LOD class offerings are at no cost to all WVU employees.  

Should I consult with my supervisor before registering for a class? 
Yes – you and your supervisor should discuss the class offerings available and jointly select the classes that will contribute best to your professional development needs prior to you registering for them. Classes should be approved by your supervisor prior to registration. 

Are there prerequisites or pre-work for any of the classes? 
At times, prerequisites or pre-work are established for certain classes. Any class requiring a prerequisite or pre-work will be identified as such.Enrollment will be restricted until the prerequisite has been taken. If any pre-work has not been completed it may hinder the learning experience.  

What if I need to request a reasonable accommodation? 
If you are an individual requiring reasonable accommodations per the Americans with Disabilities Act to participate in a class offering, please contact Jill Hess, WVU ADA Coordinator, by phone at 304.293.5600 or by email at

Class Enrollment and Management

How is enrollment managed? 
Online, at your convenience. The LOD Class Registration Portal is an enrollment management system which allows broad access to participation in, and tracking of, learning opportunities for WVU people leaders and staff. This platform is a way for you to self-manage your training needs to help you reach your professional growth goals. 
The LOD Class Registration Portal allows you to do the following: 

  • browse a full list of class offerings, 
  • enroll in the topics that interest you most, 
  • add your name to a waiting list (for classes that have already filled up), 
  • print proof-of-completion certificates,  
  • view your completed class transcript and more. 

How do I enroll for a class? 
Browse the portal for class offerings.  When you find the class that interests you, you will “Add to Your Cart” (there is no fee to take LOD classes). Once you are registered, you will need to mark it on your calendar.

  • For Live Webinars: Once you are registered for a live webinar, you will receive a Zoom link via email two days prior to the class. You may then use the Zoom feature to add class dates/times to your Outlook calendar through the Zoom link.
  • For In-Person Classes: You must add the class date/time to your calendar yourself.
  • For eLearning:  Available to be taken immediately upon registration for the class and can be taken up to 30 days from your registration confirmation. You must manually schedule a time on your calendar to help remind you to take the eLearning. You will receive a reminder 2 weeks prior to expiration date.

Will I receive confirmation of classes for which I enroll? 
Yes, you will receive a system-generated email confirmation and a reminder one-week prior to the class.  

If a class is full, can I be placed on a waiting list? 
If a class is already filled, there will be a “Waiting List” button rather than an “Add to Cart” button to the right of the class listing. If you choose to be placed on a waiting list and a spot becomes available, you will receive a notification that a spot is available and you may then register for the class on a first come, first serve basis.

How do I unenroll from a class? 
If you cannot make this class as planned, unenroll at least 48 hours in advance so that your spot can be released to another learner on the waiting list for this class. To unenroll:

  • Scroll down the menu on the left side and select "Unenroll”.
  • Click the "Drop Class" button - If the "Drop Class" button is not available, contact
  • Click the blue "Cancel Registration" button.
  • Successful "Cancel Registration Transaction(s) Completed" will appear in green box at the top of your "My Dashboard".

When I complete a class, is there anything I can print to show that I completed it? 
Yes, you may print proof of completion certificates upon finishing all requirements of a class. 

How can I print a transcript of the classes that I have taken? 
Sign in and select “My Profile” from the left menu bar and then select the “My Transcript” tab. Click “Schedule Print View” located above class information. Your transcript will open in a new tab and then  right click and print the page as a paper copy or save as a PDF for an electronic copy.

Updating Your Profile

Why would I need to update my profile? 
The LOD Class Registration Portal is not tied to any WVU systems and will not be updated by any other WVU system if you have a change in jobs, job titles, colleges or divisions, campuses, etc. To ensure the information in the LOD Class Registration Portal reflects your most current job title and information, it is recommended that you update your profile anytime you have a change. 

How do I update my profile? 
You may edit or update your profile at any time. Access the link on the left menu bar entitled "My Profile". We recommend that you edit your profile by carefully reading through all three steps of the profile process. Once you have reviewed the information for accuracy and completed all required fields, click the Submit button.

More Information

Who do I contact if I have additional questions? 
Contact LOD at