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WHO CAN TAKE TRAINING? – The Leadership and Organziation Development unit offers training programs to full-time classified and non-classified WVU employees.  University affiliates may attend LOD workshops for a fee and should contact Glenda Palmer at 304.293.3157 for payment arrangements.

WHAT TRAINING AM I ELIGIBLE TO TAKE? – You and your supervisor should discuss the many training opportunities available, and jointly select those workshops which will best contribute to your developmental needs. Enroll in and attend workshops designed specifically for employees in your job classification. 

WHO APPROVES MY TRAINING?– Please obtain supervisory approval to attend a workshop prior to enrolling. For work-related workshops that are scheduled outside of the regular workweek for non-exempt employees, your supervisor will need to verify approval for attendance. Click here for information relating to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

WHAT ARE THE PREREQUISITES? – At times, prerequisites are established for select workshops. It is possible that an enrollment request will be denied if the employee does not meet the prerequisite that is determined in each individual workshop description.

WHAT IF I AM WAIT LISTED? – As openings occur, we make every attempt to quickly notify those on the waitlist. As a waitlisted employee, you may be phoned on short notice. Your decision to accept or decline an open space will not affect your enrollment status in future workshops. You may enroll in a workshop that is presently being offered to classifications other than your own. In this case, your reservation will be accepted, and you will be placed on a waitlist. If all employees in the designated classification are accommodated, and space is still available, you will be enrolled.

WILL I RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION NOTIFICATION? – Employees confirmed in workshops at the time of enrollment will receive a system-generated email.

ARE THERE SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS? – If you are an individual requiring reasonable accommodations per the Americans with Disabilities Act to participate in a training, please contact Jill Hess, WVU ADA Coordinator, by phone at 304.293.5600 or by email at